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Meet Michele.

As Founder and Creative Director for Gryphon Design Strategy, Michele works to inspire discovery, relevance and affiliation between customers and brands. 

Gryphon Design Strategy partners with emerging and established companies to create product relevance and visual identity. Gryphon specializes in product innovation, brand strategy + visual design for clients in consumer goods, fashion, technology, and world health.

With over 15 years experience leading global product design, development and brand storytelling for Nike, Adidas Group and L.L. Bean, Michele helps clients tell their stories in deeply meaningful and enduring ways. Michele is a passionate brand advocate, employing user-centered design, psychographic profiling and detailed design and trend data to help inform creative decisions.

Michele formed Gryphon Design Strategy as a way to help brand partners develop and refine their brand and product propositions. 

Michele be reached at GryphonLLC@me.com





Michele Slobin Apprille

1056 Washington St.
Canton, MA 02021


+1 781 401 0684