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Reebok women's initiative

As Head of Apparel and Graphic design for the Reebok brand. Michele spearheaded the women's initiative for all global apparel and footwear collections. Michele assembled a world-class team and delved into the target user's psychographic to develop a platform for design innovation. By talking to women, accessing their "closets" and preferences, and investigating the physiological differences between women and men, the team created a springboard for a bold new collection.


There are 78 genes that separate a man from a woman. Smaller than the head of a pin, these genes effect everything from the size of a woman's heart to her ability to thermoregulate during a workout. Celebrating these differences, and working from the body-out, the team brought new innovation to material and product creation.

designed for her life

By analyzing market trends, fashion influences and wearing occasions, the team created a sport-fusion collection that was both stylish and functional. "Wardrobe boosters" infused the collection with cross-over appeal. 

Nordstrom private brands: color & trend project

We work closely with our clients to create the best tools for their teams.

An example of a color and trend project for Nordstrom Private Brands. We designed a deck of "pantone playing cards" that could be used by the design and merchandising teams to plan their upcoming assortment. We created the deck with solid trend-right color on one side, and supported our forecast with runway shots on the other side. It was a creative tool which we validated with market research.

GARNET HILL: color & print style-guide

An example of our seasonal color and trend style guide for the apparel brand, Garnet Hill.

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