We founded Gryphon Design Collective to inspire children through learning and language. We create a unique collection of multi-lingual learning games, personalized books and wordless stories to educate and inspire children; engaging artists and writers from around the world to help bring them to life. Gryphon works with early-childhood educators on product content and makes all product in the USA, employing local binderies and print houses.

Gryphon Design Collective's unique games are available for wholesale and retail. Product can be found at fine boutiques such as ABC Carpet and Home, UncommonGoods, PowerHouse Arena and the CloseBuy Catalog. CLICK HERE to view our newest catalog.


We believe kids can inspire other kids in immeasurable ways, so we created a Youth Ambassador Program to help young game changers make a difference in the world. 

Meet Olivia Bouler, Gryphon's Youth Ambassador. She's an ASPCA Kid of the Year and the White House Champion of Change. 

Olivia partnered with Gryphon and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to create the SAVE THE BIRDS game, as part of our "kids for kids" collection. Loved by children and grown-ups alike, this unique game helps children become the stewards of their environment. The game is available at Wild Birds Unlimited, Audubon Discovery Stories and through Gryphon Design Collective. Contact us to learn more!

Olivia's first draft of the game board for SAVE THE BIRDS

Olivia's first draft of the game board for SAVE THE BIRDS



Gryphon recruits and promotes designers and writers from all over the world. From Argentina to Ukraine, Gryphon assembles a world-class team to meet the diverse needs of the children we serve. Contact us to learn more about some of our artists.


Olivia Bouler, artist, naturalist, activist, teenager.

Watch this video of Olivia in action! (You'll know why we love her!!!)